Looks Aren’t Everything



I have been dating escorts for rather some time now. Most guys think that looks are everything when it comes to meeting up with and dating escorts but I don’t agree with that. Since I started to date escorts at London escorts services, I have gone down a different route. Now I focus on the girl’s personality as much as I used to focus on their looks. Does it make for a better date? I think that it makes for a lot better date if I am to be totally honest.


When we first meet a girl in bar or something like that, we may check out and think that she is hot. I think that most gents do that with escorts as well. After I had been using London escorts services for a little while, I realized that I was too focused on looks. The most stunning girls at the agency were not necessarily the nicest ones. When I stopped and thought about it. I just knew that I had always gone for really sexy girls instead of the ones with the right personality so i like the girls at https://www.londonxcity.com/escorts.


Now I have changed my mind and I date the girls at London escorts who have got the best personalities. I have realized that I should have done that all along. The most gorgeous girls that I have dated have also been the meanest ones to me, and always asked for stuff like tips. The girls with the nicest personalities have been the ones that I have had the most fun with on a date. It took me some time to discover that but now I am glad that I have.


Most of the girls at London escorts are really nice. I think it has something to do with the fact that it is not a central agency here in London. London escorts at some of the top agencies in London are a little bit like robots. That is kind of boring. On my last date with a top agency, I could almost predict when the girl was going to do this and that. It felt like she was completely on auto pilot and it was kind of a boring date. I found myself thinking of London escorts.


At this stage, I don’t think that I would go back to date elite escorts in other parts of London. I get a real kick out dating the girls at London escorts and I think that I am going to stick to this agency now. It is so much easier to date in the part of London that you live in and I am sure that a lot of guys agree with me. I hate running around London to find some address for an in call with the a babe from some top agency. Giving your favourite escort a call and waiting for her to turn up on your doorstep, is ten times more exciting. So, looks do matter but they are not everything. It is so much more fun to meet up with girls who like to have fun.



A Last Night Of Freedom To Remember

A Last Night Of Freedom To Remember

A few weeks before my wedding day (last week), something started to really grate me. While I’m away from home on business frequently, I’d still never quite plucked up the nerve to hire a cheeky escort for a night of naughty fun. My colleagues did so regularly – most of them were already married – and always took the piss that I was a ‘goody two shoes’.

The stories they told over breakfast the next morning always sounded too good to be true. I put it down to the bravado that salesmen always try to exert, but it certainly got me thinking.

Anyway, I was in the bar with my two best friends – Jimmy and Carl – discussing what we should do for my bachelor’s night party. I wanted a low-key affair – just the three of us, few drinks and a laugh about old times. After all I couldn’t get too carried away, I was getting married the next morning.

Famous last words…

Frustrated that we couldn’t settle on something we’d all enjoy doing, I just blurted out “oh to hell with it, let’s just hire a hotel suite, get some beautiful escorts for company and live the like Kings for the night”.

I was only half joking. The grins on Jimmy and Carl’s faces told me that I’d just signed away my sense of honor!

A few days before the big night it was time to book the girls. I’d been quietly – and carefully – checking out a few agency sites and couldn’t believe my eyes. These girls were gorgeous. Each had a short bio, their physical details and best of all a sneak preview of their various essential assets. Carl’s brother had recommended this agency, all I had to do was take my pick.

It was easier said than done. I’d been about a bit before settling down, but had never experienced a true Russian goddess before. Ice blue eyes, long slender legs and a that sculpted feminine beauty that somehow only girls from over there could ever get right.

‘Isabella’ fit these categories perfectly. Fluent in English, happy to work with other girls and guys, and available that night. We were on!

So, come around the big night. We’d already dropped our luggage off at this five star suite, so when we returned after a few drinks to get ready we were already all rather excited. Bang on time there was a light tap on the door. Jimmy opened it up and three of the most gorgeous women you’d imagine strolled through. Isabella was more beautiful than her pictures let on. She moved with a graceful intent, strolled right towards me and tenderly kissed me hello.

Woooow! Dinner first ladies, although I know I would be rushing through the meal! We went down to the hotel restaurant where she and the other two babes – one a petite Japanese girl amazingly fluent in English, and the other a local stunner who escorted to pay her way through uni. We had a riot of a time – and attracted the envious glance of every other red blooded guy in the room.

There was no time for coffee – we were ready to get right back upstairs and get started! We all split off into our bedrooms, and Isabella suggested we start off with a massage in the huge Jacuzzi. After all there was no rush, we had all night to go.

She elegantly slipped down her evening dress as she filled the tub, beckoning me over with a wink. Slipping into the Jacuzzi behind me, she slowly – almost teasingly started massaging, working slowly further down with each caress. I really wanted to save my best for a little later, so before I exploded I offered to return the favor. She let out soft gasps of pleasure as I worked over her beautiful, natural form.

That was the closest I ever felt to being a real living, breathing James Bond. The rest of the night I won’t even share with Jimmy and Carl, that’s my special night of escort heaven and one only for me! if you want to know how good it is – try it. You only live once!

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